aescayuga plant120Local firefighters responded to a fire at the Cayuga Power Plant Wednesday morning when a fire broke out during routine maintenance.  The Lansing, Cayuga Heights, and Ithaca Fire Departments had the fire under control within 90 minutes.  There were no injuries.

The fire reportedly started around 10am on or near the tenth floor of the plant when a machine caught fire.  Dark smoke billowed above the plant.

The plant produces electricity using two 150 mws coal-fired turbines, that have a combined capability of producing 306 megawatts.  

A press release by Cayuga Operating Company, LLC  said that Unit 2 was down for routine maintenance at the time.  The company will reevaluate the maintenance schedule for Unit 2 after an investigation of the fire is completed.  The maintenance was supposed to be completed by mid-May.

A company spokesman said Unit 1 is fully operational.