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solidwaste 120New York has become the 12th state to enact a 'Slow Down to Get Around' law that requires drivers to slow down or move over when approaching waste and recycling vehicles using their safety lights while collecting. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the legislation into law earlier this fall.

Under the law, which is an amendment to the existing 'Move Over Law,' waste and recycling collection trucks are classified in the same manner as police or fire vehicles. The law takes effect November 1st

The legislation was put into motion after the death of a Taylor Garbage Services employee in Tioga County last November, who was struck and killed by a vehicle from behind as he was unloading a trash bin into the back of a garbage truck. In Tompkins County, the Solid Waste Management Division contracts with Casella Waste Systems for the countywide curbside collection of recyclables. Casella is also among several haulers licensed in the County to collect trash from homes and businesses.

Assistant Solid Waste Manager Leo Riley applauds the efforts at keeping waste and recycling collection safe for all involved.  "These workers many times find themselves in dangerous situations on our local roads and highways," he said. "This new law will not only save lives and prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries, but it will give collectors and their families peace of mind."

The most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the waste and recycling collection occupation ranks fifth in the nation for injuries, accidents and fatalities, and more recent data shows many accidents involving waste and recycling collection workers are caused by inattentive or distracted drivers.

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