dryden sign120Tompkins County Democratic Committee announced the candidaes in the March 21 village elections.  Candidates were chosen in local caucuses.

In Groton, Faith Tyler is running for mayor. She has a degree in Communications and worked for years as an administrator in the nonprofit world. Today she is Chair of Tompkins Community Action’s parent council and has become involved in infrastructure needs in Groton, helping the village win a grant from the state and encouraging an investigation into the safety of a major intersection.

Running for Trustee are Jeff Toolan, a native-born Groton resident whose father was once mayor of the village, and David DeMatteo, owner and CEO of DeMatteo Rental Properties in Groton.

As the village approaches its Bicentennial, Tyler, Toolan, and DeMatteo want to celebrate Groton’s history while ensuring the growth that will allow families to thrive into the future. Their shared vision includes ideas about public safety, increased job opportunities, and improved recreation in the village.

In a spirit of bipartisanship the Dryden Village Democrats cross-endorsed current Mayor Reba Taylor for another term while endorsing incumbent Michael Murphy and newcomer Tom Sinclair for village trustee. Sinclair is an associate professor of public administration at Binghamton University, specializing in areas of project management, intergovernmental relations, and public service. He has been active both with the Dryden Beautification Brigade and the Dryden Town Historical Society.

Murphy, who returned to the village board in 2013 after serving long ago, wants to work with Sinclair to improve the livability of the village in a variety of ways—from replanting trees that may have been removed to completing the water improvement project to growing revenue through nurturing new business. The two candidates stressed their ability to work cooperatively, to listen to constituents, and to problem-solve to create the kind of village that will remain a hospitable, welcoming site for families and small businesses in the coming years.