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Rumble StripMap provided byTown of Lansing to Senator Pam Helming

With children crossing Ridge Road (State Route 34B) when walking to and from school from their Myers Road homes, traffic by the crosswalk is a potential safety problem, especially in the southbound lane where traffic decreases from 55 miles per hour to 45, and then to the slower school zone speed limit on Salmon Creek bridge before the schools are in view of passing motorists.  Tompkins County Legislator Mike Sigler has been pursuing installation of a rumble strip to remind drivers to slow down.

"There's been some real movement on this and I think it's just a matter of keeping the ball moving," Sigler says.  "It's great that our state senator has signed on to help us because that's critical.  I hope the DOT will see the same issue I see when I pick up my daughter at the middle school and endorse a solution even if it's not the rumble strip."

Sigler spoke to Helming about pursuing the solution with the state Department Of transportation (DOT) and asked Lansing Supervisor Ed LaVigne to write her to explain the issue and make a formal request from the Town.

"We have a number of families with children now living on Myers Road, these children use that crosswalk to get to school," LaVigne wrote.  "Driving north on 34B is fine as you have to pass through a long school zone before you get to the crosswalk.  Driving south is a different story.  it has all the appropriate markings, but it still sneaks up on drivers who either don't know the area or aren't paying attention.  It's easy to say, people should be more careful, but that doesn't help our immediate need."

A recent drive to encourage drivers to keep to the 25 mile per hour speed limit includes a radar sign near the top of Myers Road, approaching the town park, and a series of red and white yard signs asking drivers to slow down as if their own children lived there.  This week the campaign experienced a setback when the signs were stolen in the night.

But Sigler is optimistic that a rumble strip or some other solution will be implemented on the state road.

Helming received a letter on May 12 from DOT Regional Director David P. Smith, who said the DOT will be following up on her request.

"A formal investigation will be conducted at the above location," Smith wrote.  "Upon completion of the investigation, you will be notified of the results and our determination.  Please be aware that our review requires sufficient field investigation and analysis to assure a proper response."

The DOT takes a number of factors into consideration before initiating projects on state roads, including traffic and accident statistics.

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