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dems candidatesLeft to right: Walaa Maharem-Horan, Joseph Wetmore, Michael Koplinka-Loehr, Deborah Dawson

Lansing Democrats recently completed a highly successful petition campaign to secure ballot positions for Democratic candidates in November's elections. Candidates Walaa Maharem-Horan and Joseph Wetmore, who are running for Town Board, and Michael Koplinka-Loehr, who is running in County Legislative district 6, are pleased with the support shown them by the total of over 1200 signatures on their petitions. Wetmore, Maharem-Horan, and their team collected nearly 700 signatures, while Koplinka-Loehr's team collected 536. And Deborah Dawson, a candidate in Legislative District 10 which comprises the Villages of Cayuga Heights and Lansing, garnered over twice the number of signatures she required.

While not negating the importance of the actual number of signatures, significantly more than those gathered by their opponents, Democratic candidates were quick to point out that the most important result of their petition drive was the many positive and informative conversations they were able to have with voters. The issues discussed and problems identified will provide the candidates a sound basis for the development of a platform that is open, transparent, and responsive to the expressed needs and wishes of Lansing residents.

As election season continues, moving into high gear come Fall, local Democrats are urging all voters to follow the campaign, participate in the discussion, get to know the candidates, and mark on your calendar November 7th, Election Day. An informed and voting electorate is the most
important tool we have as Americans in preserving our democracy.

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