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Lansing Sewer

Village Mayor Donald Hartill said Monday that a joint sewer proposal between the Town and Village of Lansing is coming closer to fruition.  With an agreement signed that allots capacity to the Town at Cayuga Heights Sewer Treatment Plant and access through the Village sewer system, the new proposal will actually bring sewer to at least three properties in the Town, including two large proposed developments.

"I had a meeting with the Town of Lansing and a couple of developers, and we're making progress on a joint sewer solution that will involve the Village, Hartill said.  "I would characterize it as pretty good progress.  i met with one of the major landowners.  Landowners are comfortable with the current proposal, so I think we're making good progress."

Hartill says the project would involve a gravity sewer line along East Shore Drive .  Where you go down hill a pump station would be installed to provide a forced main sewer from that location to Cedar Lane gravity sewer, as well as a gravity mean for residents along Cayuga Heights Road.  A low-capacity forced main sewer would service a low spot on Cayuga Heights Road from Oakcrest Road to Cedar Lane.

Officials considered running sewer across Murray Estates (Sundowns Farm), but the owners said no because it would interfere with plans they are developing for that property.  Next a sewer along Triphammer Road was explored, but water lines on each side of the road would make sewer construction too difficult.

"This other solution came along that would involve cost sharing between the developers, eventually the Town and developers," Hartill said.  "I think it has some real possibilities and advantages to both parties."

Lansing Town Sewer District #1

The big proposal on the Town side is a new sewer district that would serve the proposed 102 unit Cayuga Orchard (rental town homes) and 117 unit English Village (59 town homes and 58 single family homes), and the RINK.  hartill says an existing apartment complex in the Town would also be served.  A gravity sewer would serve those properties as far as a pump station, and the Town and Village would share the cost of the pump station.

The new sewer would also provide service to village residents along East Shore Drive and along the entire length Cayuga Heights Road (within the Village of Lansing) where sewer is currently unavailable.  There would be no requirement to hook up.

"Part of that puzzle will be to change our zoning from the current 30,000 square foot sewered plot as opposed to 60,000 square foot un-sewered, to 45,000 square feet as the minimum lot size to preserve the character of the region," Hartill said.  "As we come further along in this process I will be coming to the Planning Board to do that."

Hartill said the parties are hoping to have a firm plan in place some time early next year with an eye toward beginning construction next fall.

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