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Lansing Rod and Gun Club

A plan to relocate shooting ranges at the Lansing Rod & Gun Club has been withdrawn, according to Lansing Planning Consultant Michael Long.  Long told the Planning Board Monday that there is nothing about the project before the Planning Board concerning the project, and town officials don't know what the club is planning for the future.

"As of today we have received notice that they are withdrawing their application," said Lansing Planning Consultant Michael Long.  "We don't know what that means.  We understand that they may have to come back for an application, if they make some changes.  At this point they have withdrawn their application."

The plan was being developed by the gun club in cooperation with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) order to stop shooting lead shot into Salmon Creek and nearby wetlands and prevent lead from entering those areas.  But public concerns were raised in a public hearing last March by residents who are concerned about existing lead contamination in and around Salmon Creek, local traffic, and locating new shooting ranges near an existing private residence.

Residents asked what the status of the plan is, but town officials said they don't know.

"We're not speculating at this point," said Town Attorney Guy Krogh.  "If they move forward they have to come back to the Town for something, whether it's an approval or a building permit, or whatever.  If they are still relocating their facility they will need to come back.  if they're not making any changes at the site, yes, there are some options they can pursue to stay within the scope of the allowed nonconforming use without constituting an expansion.  But with no application we don't know what they're deciding."

Krogh said he assumes they are working with the EPA, and that they will come up with .

"We've had no interaction from the EPA or the State DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) on this matter," said Planning Board Chairman Tom Ellis.  "We're just kind of sitting and waiting for something to happen at this point."

Planning Board member Larry Sharpsteen added that the Board had asked the gun club for input.  The Board had asked for more detailed information, and had concerns about parking solutions that would either require a shuttle from the existing gun club parking area to the new ranges, or a bridge across Salmon Creek to allow members to walk there.  But Sharpsteen said the Board had not received a response

Lisa Ruzicka, whose home is near the site of the proposed shooting range, noted the EPA order expired February 25th.  She asked whether lead is still being shot at the club, and asked whether that would put them in violation of the EPA order.  Sharpsteen said his understanding is that as long as they are working with the EPA on a plan to eliminate the EPA order to order to stop shooting lead shot into Salmon Creek and nearby wetlands and prevent lead from entering those areas, they would be allowed to continue operating.

But Ellis said that the Planning Board doesn't know the status of that, because the board has not had contact with the EPA, and it is a federal matter at this point, because the gun club has no business before the Planning Board.  He said the Board can't direct residents, but allowed that they could try contacting the EPA for updates on the issue.

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