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10 Questions for Town Justice Candidates
Maura Kennedy-SmithMaura Kennedy-SmithDick CostelloDick Costello
10 Questions for Tompkins County Sheriff Candidates
Ken LansingKen Lansing Derek OsbourneDerek OsbourneJosh BrokawJosh Brokaw

CBS has '60 Minutes'...  ABC has '20/20'... The Lansing Star has '10 Questions'!
For over a decade the Lansing Star has interviewed candidates in selected contested local elections.  We ask each candidate the same 10 questions as the other candidates in a particular race.  The difference is in their answers, which allows our readers to see how the candidates differ without our own editorial bias, however unintentional, influencing what they say.

This year we interviewed all the candidates running for Lansing Town Justice and Tompkins County Sheriff.  By New York State law neither of these positions requires candidates to be professionals in law enforcement or justice, and each election has one candidate who is not a trained attorney or law enforcement officer.

Candidates in local elections often have similar platforms, despite different party affiliations.  This year's election is interesting in that each of the five candidates we interviewed has a different point of view.  Click on the candidate (above) to see how he or she replied to our 10 Questions.
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