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School Votes

The two school districts that serve Lansing students both had successful budgets in votes May 21 (Lansing Central School District) and 22 (Ithaca City School District.  In Lansing the $30,794,650 budget passed with 83% of the vote, and Ithaca's $131,954,987 budget passed with an 82.32% lead.  In addition Lansing's bus acquisition proposition passed, and Ithaca's two propositions for appropriation and expenditure of capital funds and a capital improvement bond also passed.  Both districts elected three school board members.

The vote count in Lansing was 559 for the budget and 111 against.  568 voters approved the bus purchases with 96 voting no.  Ithaca passed its budget 2,383 to 584.  Ithaca's reserve fund proposition passed 2,530 to 447, and the bond proposition passed 2,393 to 554.

Three Lansing School Board seats were filled by Kristen Hopkins (528 votes), Susan Tabrizi (439), and Linda Pasto (394).  Tabrizi and Aaron Thompson were incumbents in the election.  Ithaca also had three available seats.  Eldred Harris (1,897 votes), Robert Ainslie (1,581), and Erin Croyle (1,566) won the three vacant Ithaca Board of Education Seats, edging out incumbent Bradley Grainger (1,503).

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