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DOT Rendering

Warren Road Sewer District Extension #1 was approved Wednesday in a unanimous vote by the Lansing Town Board.  The extension will provide sewer service to the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT).  In addition to the DOT facility, Cornell University has a small sliver of property to be included, the Airport Storage self-storage business, and a private residence are included at the owners' request.

"The proposal is to include four parcels of land within the Warren Road Sewer district boundary,"explained Lansing Town Engineer David Herrick. "It was precipitated by the interest of the DOT that is building a facility on Warren Road.  The Town had prior input from neighboring properties and did some outreach to determine that some private landowners were interested in being included."

No one spoke at a public hearing prior to the vote.

The entire extension will use an estimated 8.5 Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU), with the DOT expected to use 6 of those.  Herrick said the DOT will pay to bring the line across the street, and that taxpayers will not fund the extension.

"There are no public expenditures of funds for the new extension," he said. "DOT will be putting in some new infrastructure that will bring sewer service from the east side of Warren Road over to the west side, where their facility will be located.  That is the only infrastructure that is going to be installed."

Herrick said he hasn't yet heard whether the other three parcels in the extension will choose to hook up to the sewer.

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