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mailmanMillennials are sick of party politics; we want action. My peers and I joke how Congress is, quite literally, the antithesis of progress, but we regret that our legislators’ actions uphold this definition.

This almost always boils down to partisan gridlock stifling bills from left to right. Ideological warfare has turned Congress into a rhetorical battleground that produces nothing but hot air. To paraphrase our sixteenth President, while we work, they pontificate.

Tom Reed chooses action over empty rhetoric. His record these past two years in Congress have proven this commitment. One needs to look no further than his involvement with NO LABELS, a bipartisan DC initiative that brings together legislators dedicated to problem solving.

The past two years, Tom Reed has both sponsored and introduced bipartisan bills that seek to advance the four long-term goals of NO LABELS: job creation, preserving Social Security and Medicare, balancing the federal budget, and energy independence. This shows not just that Tom Reed is not just committed to action; he is committed to solving problems that could affect my generation and generations to come.

Martha Robertson, on the other hand, brings more problems than solutions to the Congressional table. These include her top priorities of voting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and pushing job-killing climate change legislation. Her rhetoric reeks of party politics; millennials cannot afford for Martha to play the ideological fiddle while our American Dream burns.

District 23, we have one voice in Congress. Do we want that voice to speak for the long-term interests of our country? Or the short-term interests of the Democratic Party? To me, the choice is clear. A vote for Tom Reed is a vote for a problem solver.

Sean Themea
Ithaca College '16
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