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mailmanThe Lansing Rod and Gun Club in an effort to garner support for their proposed new trap and toxic waste range, has threatened the people of Lansing with a loss of property value, and the cost of the environmental clean-up of the lead shot that they have been dumping into Salmon Creek and the surrounding wetland since the 1960s. The gun club claims that if they are not allowed to start a new toxic waste dump north of Salmon Creek, they will be forced to close their doors, abandoning their mess which then becomes a toxic waste site, which will then have to be cleaned up at taxpayer expense.

The gun club also claims that the Amateur Trapshooting Association does not sanction shoots using steel shot. This is not true. According the Amateur Trapshooting Association rule changes effective 9/1/2017, ...the use of lead, steel, bismuth, or other composite non-toxic shot materials shall be allowed.

The gun club claims that the cost of steel shot is prohibitive, and continuing to shoot lead shot all over with no responsibility for the eventual clean-up their preferred option. Makes sense to me.

I can't pretend that I don't have a dog in this fight, as the proposed new trap range would be in my back yard, shooting in our direction, but even if this were not the case, the arguments of the gun club don't hold water. They are self serving, and only take into consideration their own desire to keep practicing their hobby in a manner that's time has surly come and gone.

Tim Farrell
Lansing, NY
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