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mailmanThe New York wine industry is booming, and our vineyards continue to produce some of the finest wine, not just in New York, but across the entire nation. We are now stepping onto the world stage as an internationally acclaimed wine region. But if Governor Cuomo doesn't sign the "Finger Lakes Community Act of 2019," that will all be at risk.

Circular enerG's proposal to build the state's largest trash incinerator in the Finger Lakes would be detrimental to all the progress and years of work the local community has made in developing a world-class wine producing and tourism destination.

We cannot let big corporations interfere in our region's growth, our wellbeing or our livelihoods. We urge Governor Cuomo to join the other lawmakers and take a firm stand against this trash burning facility by making bill 5029A or "The Finger Lakes Community Act of 2019" law.

Lou Damiani, founder of Damiani Wine Cellars
Burdett, NY

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