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mailmanTo the Editor:

We must keep our roads safe, for motorists and for neighborhood residents. Over the last month, I have heard from many concerned citizens, including Supervisor Ed LaVigne and Superintendent of Schools Chris Pettograsso, about a section of Ridge Road in the Town of Lansing that has been the site of several serious accidents.

The town is requesting that the speed limit from 456 Ridge Road to 699 Ridge Road be reduced to 45 mph. I fully support this request, and I contacted the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to advocate for a reduction in the speed limit.

I recently heard back from Transportation Commissioner Marie Dominguez that she has instructed NYSDOT engineers to begin a study of the corridor to determine if a speed reduction is feasible. I will be notified of the results of their study when it is complete.

I would like thank Supervisor Ed LaVigne, Superintendent Chris Pettograsso, and the more than 50 resident who either sent me letters or came to see me at my recent Lansing mobile office hours. I would also like to thank retired Lansing Town Clerk Debbie Crandall who gathered letters and input from neighborhood residents and compiled detailed information to support this case.

I will keep you informed on the NYSDOT study.

Pamela A. Helming Senator, 54th District

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