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Soccer Tournament ApprovedThe Lansing Town Board voted Wednesday to amend conditions of a Special Use Permit (SUP) to lift the 18 year old age limit from soccer fields adjoining the RINK on East Shore Drive.  That clears the way for the Gorges Classic Soccer Tournament to use the fields over Labor Day weekend.  The board made the change subject to term of the current SUP, which is up for renewal in 2017.  This differed from the Planning Board recommendation, which was to make a one-time exception as a test case to see whether the tournament could abide by the restrictions.

"The original applicant did not request a one-time use exception," explained Town Attorney Guy Krogh.  "He requested a seasonal or perhaps three-time use exception.  The Planning Board recommended a one-time only exception in the summer of 2015 and that any other exceptions be subject to special permitting review.  This resolution imposes no restrictions as to the number of times that can happen, seasonally or otherwise, so long as it is only used as a park/playground by the club or its guests.  And it adds the condition that if it is violated the entire permit can be rescinded."

The original SUP for the Grantchester Soccer Club and landowner John Young was originally approved in November of 2009 subject to 11 conditions that permitted the soccer fields themselves, with no facilities of any kind including lighting or bleachers or refreshment stands, and an understanding that all games would be played between 9am and sunset.  Condition #4 said that no commercial activity would be permitted on the site in the use of the fields and facilities shall be restricted to club members and guests only,the players restricted to age 18 and under." Former Councilwoman Connie Wilcox urged the board to make the changes.

"It will be economically beneficial to the Town and the Village (of Lansing)," she said.  "Players and families will spend money on lodging, food and other amenities.  It can only be a win-win.  There is a strong urge in this town to promote tourism, and this will bring a lot of people into he town to see what we have here.  We have a lot of good restaurants.  We have a brewery.  We have wineries close by. And they will go home and tell their friends and neighbors, who will come visit this beautiful area as well."

The Gorges Classic Tournament is for teams aged in their 30s, 40s and 50s.  The amendment keeps the restriction on commercial activities, but removes the age limit.  Krogh said the terms of the SUP will be reviewed again when the current one expires in two years.

The Tournament is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, September 5th through 7th.


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