dearmargaretDear Margaret: My wife is an attractive, mature woman of 67 whom I deeply love just as she is. I do let her know that is how I feel about her. I'm proud of her intellect as well as her physical appearance. About a year ago she decided to have some 'work done' on her face because she was concerned about wrinkles. I think she's simply aging gracefully, and I'm proud of her. When I let her know this I get the eye roll and deep sigh like I just don't understand. She gets injections every three to four months. Money isn't an issue, but I worry about the obsessive nature of her quest to remain forever young. How can I help her understand that I love her without regard to how she ages, and she doesn't need invasive cosmetic intervention?
Beautiful without Cosmetic Intervention

Dear Beautiful without Cosmetic Intervention: HIt's loving of you to be concerned over your wife's worry about her natural aging process. I'm sure, even though you get the 'eye roll' when you assure her you love her regardless of her physical appearance, she appreciates it on some level. Look for the greater opportunities to reinforce her positive qualities as a partner, lover, her contributions to her family and community, and even the world. It's possible that as she begins to understand her true innate value, the concern over her outer presence may come into balance. It doesn't sound like your wife feels she has a problem. That being the case, she probably won't seek outside help.  If you are unconditionally loving her and voicing appreciation about her inherent value, you are doing all you can.

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