dearmargaretDear Margaret: I'm the mother of two small children under the age of five, and I've been home since the day my first one was born. When I get the opportunity to go out and socialize with my husband and his associates, I feel like I'm boring. I've lost touch with current music, fashion, and the only topic of conversation I'm comfortable with has to do with childcare. I do read books to keep my mind active, but I am still losing my conversational skills. I love staying home with my children, and I want to contribute to adult conversation when I get the opportunity. How can I strike a balance?
Mums the Word for Mom

Dear Mums the Word for Mom: You certainly need adult conversation, and I'm sure you find it helpful to converse with other mothers to compare notes. This is where you are in your life now, and it's important to be part of a network with other mothers in the same stage, if you're not already. If you're feeling inadequate with not-parenting adults, perhaps they are the ones that seem boring to you.  It's not unusual to feel a bit left out when outside of your comfort zone. If you're truly interested in topics that routinely come up in another social circle, then by all means brush up on the topic. Children grow up all too fast, so put the majority of your energy in their direction. Your 'adult conversation' skills will return.

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