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mcneilmusic120McNeil Music of Ithaca and Rob Natoli of Loud Room Guitars announced the addition of in-store electronic repairs Wednesday to the list of services available at McNeil Music of Ithaca.  The store has created a workshop space for repairs to amplifiers, speakers, keyboards, mixers, and other audio gear. Electronics technician and lifelong musician Rob Natoli has set up shop in the store to make the repair process hassle-free. Handling repairs within the store will improve customer service with faster turnaround time and easier status checks, and will help to lower costs.

Natoli has been performing electronic repairs on musical equipment for over a decade with a passion for "keeping musicians' gear going".

"I've been involved in nearly every aspect of the music industry and it's important to keep properly working gear in the hands of those who use it," Natoli.  "Whether it's your only amplifier or a backup keyboard, I want to see it run 100% and be enjoyed by my fellow musicians."

As an Ithaca-based musician for the last 15 years, Natoli saw the need for a specialized tech in the area and received a degree in Electrical Technology from CCC in Auburn. He has been building and repairing amplifiers and effects pedals for many years and thoroughly enjoys his work everyday.

“Our lead guitar tech, Christian DeBrigard, has been doing guitar setups, pickup installations, and other small repairs in-house for many years,” said McNeil Music owner Eric Laine. “But now that Rob has come on board for keyboard repairs, amp repairs, and other gear repairs, we expect that part of the business to grow.”

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