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The Tompkins County Workers' Center announced that 93 employers within the County are now Living Wage Employers.  The latest three employers are:

  • Schlather, Stumbar, Parks, and Salk (law firm); 200. E. Buffalo Street, Ithaca;
  • Town of Caroline, 2668 Slaterville Road, Brooktondale;
  • Viridius Property, 317 N. Aurora Street, Ithaca
Viridius Properties, the Town of Caroline, and Schlather, Stumbar, Parks, and Salk employ a total of 27 workers; this brings the total of workers, countywide and regionally, who are working for Living Wage Employers up to over 2,957 people.
"I am pleased to have the two organizations where I have had leadership roles, Sunny Brook Builders and now the Town of Caroline, recognized as Living Wage Employers," Town of Caroline Supervisor Don Barber says.  "Pulling this off, in the municipal property tax environment combined with the austerity seeking neo-liberal political environment in Washington and Albany, was no small feat.  I am pleased to be joined by a Town Board that recognizes government’s role is to serve the people.  Paying and encouraging all employers to pay a living wage is honorable service."

The Workers' Center initiated the Living Wage Employer Certification Program in 2006 to publicly recognize and reward those employers who pay a living wage.

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