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gaswell_120Rep. Tom Reed welcomed U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s recent comments on the benefits of domestic natural gas development in New York State. In an interview this week, Moniz said natural gas – through hydrofracking – has enhanced the industry by more than $100 billion. He went on to say Governor Cuomo should look at the economic prosperity natural gas development is bringing to neighboring Pennsylvania as he weighs whether or not to lift the five-year moratorium.

“New York, and our region in particular, is missing out on much-needed jobs and energy security as the Governor continues the moratorium into its sixth year,” Reed said. “The state has been slow to act and is missing out on economic prosperity, as Secretary Moniz correctly points out. Our country will continue to need energy and demand will only continue to grow. New York can and should be a part of that growth. After more than five years of investigation and study, New Yorkers fairly deserve the benefits of safe, careful development.”

In his remarks Secretary Moniz said, “This new resource is of critical importance. If you look at Pennsylvania, it's amazing, in the Marcellus shale. They have gone from a very, very minor contributor to the national natural gas production, to nearly 20 percent in a remarkably short period. And as we know, that has had enormous economic benefits for the state. Obviously, New York will presumably take that as one of the factors to be considered in its decision.”

Reed added, “Hearing the top energy official weigh in so positively in favor of natural gas development in New York is certainly a positive sign for our local economy in New York. Responsible development is bringing with it jobs, a rebirth to American manufacturing and strengthened national security. Let’s seize the opportunity to be a part of that progress.”

New York has had a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for more than five years, with Governor Cuomo unclear on when he will make a decision to allow or ban the practice. President Obama again promoted natural gas development as key in economic growth in his State of the Union address.

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