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guykrogh_120Town attorney Guy Krogh was appointed Second Deputy Town Clerk Wednesday by unanimous vote of the Lansing Town Board.  Krogh will go through Lansing's legal records to prepare them for digital storage as part of Tompkins County's digital records storage project.  Krogh says that digitizing town records makes them easier to search and retrieval convenient, more consistant with FOIL and the Open Meetings law.

"I am probably the only person that understands what's in that pile of records, but I am not a town official," Krogh explained.  "This will make me a town official and give me the authority to act on behalf of the Town in relation to those records.  Unless you really know what those records are there is no way you can efficiently get through them to consolidate them, coordinate them, organize them and prepare them for microfiching and digitalization."

Krogh serves as Town Attorney for the Towns of Lansing, Enfield, Caroline, Danby and Genoa.  He is also counsel for the Towns of Ithaca and Romulus, and intergovernmental agencies and inter-municipal consortiums, and is outside counsel for local and national corporate and not-for profit organizations.

Krogh says a Town Official must determine which documents are to be kept and which are not based on their compliance with state regulations and town requirements.  His new appointment does not come with salary or benefits, but Krogh says it will benefit his office as well as the Town.

"I need these records organized just as badly as the town does," he said.  "I am more than happy to donate my time to get them organized and delivered to the Town.  And the other reality is they actually are the Town's records."

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