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mailmanI am writing in response to the "Response to Story on Dollar General" letter here:  And want to make sure that Lansing Star readers are aware that Crystal Ghassemi is the Director of Public Relations at Dollar General's corporate headquarters in Nashville, TN:

She is not a Lansing resident, or even a regional resident who would have a personal stake in this specific store as an owner or manager etc. Letters like this are a standard corporate PR move. Dollar General's business model is to relentlessly expand into small towns across America, and I'm sure Ms. Ghassemi has sent many such letters:

It is literally Ms. Ghassemi's job to make Dollar General look good. I don't fault her for doing her job, but please don't be fooled by the language of her letter. This goes beyond Lansing. Any jobs created by Dollar General will be a moot point if they saturate the region and drive small, independent grocery stores like Lansing Market out of business. Such small stores already provide a quick "in-and-out" place to shop during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are locally-owned, and provide residents with many more fresh/locally-sourced options than a national chain like Dollar General. Despite Ms. Ghassemi's claims, yet another Dollar General is not going to bring a net economic benefit to the region.


Ben Finio
North Lansing resident

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