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mailmanReceived my August water bill 2 days ago. It took USPS over a month and a half to forward a first class post card.

On the same day I also received my School Tax bill which also took forever to forward, fortunately I had look it up on line and got it paid on time.

It use to be that forwarding my mail to out address in Hawaii only added a couple of days but it appears the “Republicans” fixed that.

So to Tom Reed it now appears you belong to criminal organization that will go to all lengths to stay in office, destroy Social Security and Medicare and give the country away to large corporations and the rich.

We had planned on returning to Lansing in late spring but with the COVID-19 pandemic (that the Republicans in Washington help spread) travel was not possible.

With a lot of luck maybe we can make it this coming spring (doesn’t look hopeful).

We miss all the folks in the Lansing/Ithaca area….

James E Sullivan
Pahoa, Hi
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