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Lansing Sobus Field

Lansing Sports fans will no longer have to pay an admission fee for home game sporting events.  Away games and post-season events are out of the Lansing School District's jurisdiction, so there may still be charges for those games.  But School Superintendent Chris Pettograsso says that the fees are being abolished for regular season home games.

"We evaluated the need to charge," she says.  "We want to encourage people to come to our events, and often our families just don't have money on them, so they decide not to come.  Having people attend the events outweighed the money we received."

Admission money paid for the cost of charging admission, paying for chaperones and ticket collectors.  After those expenses what little was left was dumped in to the school district's general fund.

"We did a cost analysis," Pettograsso says. "Once we pay for chaperones and ticket collectors, it really seemed like it is more supportive of our community to allow people to attend without cost."

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